Why We Don’t Wear Tuxedos (and never will)

First and foremost, tuxedos have absolutely NOTHING to do with DJing. They are just about as important to DJing as processed cheese slices are to space travel. The one good thing about tuxedos, however, is that they make it easy to spot a cheesy, inexperienced, and/or boring DJ, which is a whole other topic we’ll discuss later.

There are 3 main reasons we don’t wear tuxedos, the first and most important reason we already described above. Secondly, tuxes are hot and uncomfortable. Finally, tuxes just don’t fit in to the look, feel, and atmosphere of a modern wedding. While they may have been appropriate 25 years ago when everyone wore tuxedos and full 3-piece suits to weddings, they certainly aren’t now.

It’s funny to think that a tuxedo could be a deciding factor in choosing a DJ but it definitely is. Ask yourself this one question:

At the end of the night when guests are leaving and you’re being sent off for your first night as a married couple, are you going to be thinking about the tux your DJ wore or about how sweaty you are from dancing all night because you hired a DJ that could actually live mix music, wasn’t cheesy, and kept the dance floor packed without getting on the mic to ask guests to come to the dance floor?

So, what do we wear?

Depends. On a lot of things actually. When we meet, we’ll ask what you expect your guests to wear so that we can dress appropriately. We don’t want to look like we’re serving the food, but we don’t want to look like we’re performing in a night club. We’ll dress professionally according to the time of year, the weather, and what you tell us to expect from other guests at your wedding. Typical outfits include button down shirt with tie and nice pants, nice shirt with blazer, vest with tie, but never, never ever a tuxedo.


What can be done about this tuxedo problem?

We could lobby for the ban of tuxedos as weddings or host a tuxedo-burning party, though I doubt our government is concerned about tuxes and I don’t know if we’d get the permits to pile up 100 tuxedos and set them ablaze.

So, feel free to check out our reviews, our all-inclusive packages and pricing, and let’s chat!


If you’re a DJ and reading this, you may be asking yourself, “What am I supposed to do with my tux then?” The solution is simple and you can find the answer right here.



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